360° – hype of trend?

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Na een paar weken spelen met de techniek weet ik het zeker, 360° is een blijvende trend! Want 360° foto en video heeft een praktisch nut voor de maker en past bij de media beleving van gebruikers. Neem Street View, een enorm succes waar de 360° fotografie onlosmakelijk aan bijdraagt. En 360° vastgoed fotografie. Met je telefoon een panorama foto maken is inmiddels heel normaal. 360° is de volgende stap. Het is wel een niche. Veel visuele communicatie zal in 2D beter tot zijn recht komen. Echter, 360° is meer dan een ‘nieuw dingetje’, het is een…read more


Greater bigger time-lapse

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This was a great project that became bigger and bigger along the way. So much happened .. so much learned .. I tried to keep the production as simple as possible but if you’re into professional 4K motion-controlled time-lapse, there is no way to keep it simple. I’ll dive into a few aspects of the production but first, just enjoy the film. This embedded film is the HD American version, the 4K versions in 8 languages (USA, GBR, JPN, CHN, DUI, NLD, ESP, FRA) are on Youtube. The concept Corporate storytelling is often un-original and boring. It shouldn’t because if…read more


Vimeo adds subtitling

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Good news from Vimeo: their updated videoplayer supports closed captions and subtitles! Subtitles are not just handy, they are powerful. Usually they are added to make a video available to a greater audience. Not unimportant but there is more to gain from good, smart subs. Here are some basics and a look at the opportunities. Closed Captioning (CC) vs subtitling It’s simple. Subtitles are tekst replacing dialogue. Closed Captions are tekst replacing all audio (‘phone rings’, ‘knock on door’). Subtitles are best for transcripts (reading along) and translations (käännökset). Closed…read more


Macro cinematografie: Toylympics

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Weer een experimenteel filmpje. Ditmaal een mix van macro opnames en twee slowmotion technieken (overcrancking en optical flow). Gemaakt in twee nachtelijke uurtjes. Muziek ‘Dulcissime’ uit de Carmina Burana van Carl Orff. Te koop in de iTunes Store. / ENGLISH / Experimenting with macro slow motion (optical flow + overcranking) and some dark color grading.


Fun with Shrinkray tilt/shift

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You will never forget the first time you see a good tilt/shift video. The miniature effect is pure magic that amazes you like a child. Expensive as well as the lens that makes it happen is very expensive. You can however create the effect in post with the use of plugins. It’s not exactly the same quality but it’s still fun. So when Crumplepop offered it’s software tilt/shift plugin ‘Shrinkray’ with a pay-what-you-want discount, I had to get it and test it out.


Music and foley on a budget

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Recently I made a short funny commercial. It needed some music and foley effects but since there wasn’t much budget I couldn’t hand it over to a sound designer and had to do it myself. I work on Final Cut Studio and Soundtrack Pro (included) provided everything I needed. It has a very large sound library with music, loops, foley, effects etcetera.


How to shoot and edit vertical video

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If you have seen my family’s Christmas card video you have noticed that the video is tilted 90 degrees and thus in a vertical HD format. In this post I will explain why and how I did this. Why vertical? For this video it started as a practical choice. It simply fits the christmas tree better! And since many of my friends have iPads, rotatable monitors, laptops or smartphones they can easily rotate their device.