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Terms and conditions

1 – Quotation
A quotation is made for each production in which the assignment is clearly described. It states how, when and with whom the production is carried out. If applicable, the quotation amount will be clearly specified and explained as much as possible. Quotations are without obligation and valid for two months.

If a customer agrees with a quotation, he/she must confirm the order by replying to the email with the quotation offer. By accepting the quotation, the customer also agrees to these terms and conditions.

If other conditions are stated in the quotation than those included in these general terms and conditions, the relevant conditions as included in these general terms and conditions will lapse.

For recurring orders, the quotation price is increased by ±5% annually. This is a correction for inflation and increasing production costs.

2 – Additional work
If an assignment changes in such a way that it exceeds the work described in the quotation, then this is considered as additional work. The costs may be charged for this. Iets Met Film will inform the client beforehand should this situation arise.

3 – Contact person
The client appoints one contact person for each assignment. The contact person is responsible for all communication between Iets Met Film and the client. During pre production the contact person will be responsible for clear instructions and planning. During production the contact person will assist the production team (if needed). During post production the contact person will collect all feedback from stakeholders for a smooth post production workflow. The contact person has the responsibility to act on behalf of the client.

4 – Post production
Previews are online on our password-protected client website. For an efficient post production workflow, this 3-version method is used:

  • Version 1: the rough cut. This first version will be edited as much as possible according to the script, but has not yet been finished in detail. The customer will receive a preview of this version and provides feedback on the structural and substantive choices.
  • Version 2: the edit. Based on the feedback, version 2 will be edited. This version will be fully finished in detail (timing, color editing, titles, transitions, etcetera). The customer will receive a preview and can provide the editor with feedback, only on the details.
  • Version 3: final. The editor adjusts the editing based on the feedback and the production is finished.
  • If more versions or further adjustments are required after version 3, it will be charged as additional work.

5 – Travel and accommodation expenses
The travel allowance is €0.3 p/km driven. An additional travel time allowance may be charged for journeys longer than an hour. Other travel and accommodation costs can be parking, food and beverages, hotels, etcetera.

Travel expenses stated in the quotation are indicative. The invoice will state the the actual travel expenses.

6 – Music rights
Usually Iets Met Film uses library music, royalty free. If copyright protected music is used, music rights must be paid to the Buma Stemra foundation. Iets Met Film can provide an estimate of these costs.

7 – Copyright
All text, sound and images produced by Iets Met Film (concepts, scripts, scripts, video images, photos, animations, etcetera) are subject to copyright and are protected by copyright. Use of copyrighted material must be authorized by the author.

A customer receives the copyright to the video production ordered by him, for the purpose specified in the quotation. Should a customer wish to extend the copyright or make physical copies, this will be done in consultation with Iets With Film.

In case of copyright infringement, Iets Met Film is not responsible for any claims from third parties.

8 – Intellectual Property
Workflow, templates, designs, forms, setups, camera settings and editing documents are the intellectual property of Iets Met Film and are not made available.

9 – Footage
Unless otherwise agreed, camera footage will not be made available. In contrast to the delivered video production, the copyright on the camera material rests with Iets With Film. This copyright is negotiable.

For a fee, camera material can be archived on HDD. Iets Met Film is not liable for loss of the material. If no agreements are made about storage, Iets Met Film will store or destroy the material at its own discretion.

We handle the data of our customers with care. We only keep the data that is necessary for business. Video files of current productions are redundantly stored locally and on a secure online backup server. Video files of completed productions are stored offline and eventually deleted. All data can be destroyed on request.

Iets Met Film will not use a clients footage for anything else but the assigned production. Iets Met Film may request the client to use footage in its show reel.

10 – Payment
The standard payment term is 30 days after receipt of the invoice. In the event of late payment, the following terms and costs apply:

  • First reminder: 10 days, no extra costs
  • Second reminder: 10 days, 25 euros administration costs and legally required interest
  • Third and final reminder: collection costs and legally required interest
  • Debt collection is performed by Das Incasso.

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