Time-lapse is a visual technique to speed up time. It is actually a hybrid video / photography technique, using thousands of shots to make one shot. The technique has been used for over a hundred years but the digital photography evolution has increased the quality and capabilities dramatically.

Filmmaker Sybren Arnoldus is a time-lapse specialist with many years of experience, mastering various time-lapse techniques. Such as traditional, animated, day-to-night, hyper-lapse, motion controlled and tilt / shift. Various techniques can be seen in the above video’s.

  • spectacular visuals of large spaces, events, structures
  • bring speed to slow situations
  • relationship between man and environment

The magic of time-lapse can be used in many ways. 100% time-lapse movies can make a seemingly ‘boring’ topic, inspiring. Add a time-lapse sequence for titles, bumpers, intro or outdo. Analyze slow processes. Or simply, make great shots.

Time-lapse video productions are custom made. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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